You are so right to pull back the curtain and reveal that the outpouring of politically channeled emotion is not the spontaneous expression it purports to be. It is organized and staged.

Powerful media outlets such as CNN orchestrate events that artfully mix advocacy, propaganda, and news coverage. They are anything other than balanced. Photogenic, well-spoken kids who promote the agenda are given airtime and sympathetic scripted interviews. Those with different ideas are given less time and tougher interrogation on air. Right wing and centrist media don’t seem to expose this enough and they certainly have not mounted a sustained campaign of similar counter events. Why didn’t Fox run a “town hall” slanted the other way?

Another key aspect of organizing by Left wing groups is the use of popular fronts. Behind the scenes a group can multiply its effectiveness by forming a front group around a popular cause. It will be controlled by core cadres who lure others in. Ostensibly the group will advocate moderate positions all in furtherance of a more extreme cause never openly discussed. People outside the controlling clique are often given nominal leadership posts and prominence as the public faces of the front. What is hidden is who really pulls the strings and who supplied the initial money. It should be the job of the free press to expose who is running things, but the story about the organizers often goes unreported.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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