You are trying to make the argument the Left is really misunderstood, but what if the truth is you don’t understand the Left. The Left we see is a violent mob torching buildings and a group of sympathetic politicians who cheer on the riots. The Left we see is at the apex of cancel culture and is a repressive force that attacks free speech and promotes censorship. When it is not hurling bricks through windows and declaring looting a form of reparations, Black Lives Matter partisans go around harassing people in diners, trying to coerce them into a subservient gesture. The leaders of BLM proudly acknowledge they are Marxist, so it is not quite right to call BLM a Marxist popular front.

“Is BLM a Marxist Front?” by Caleb Mars

But it does have an deceptive aspect. It lures people in with a catchy slogan and suddenly they find themselves in a demonstration demanding “Defund the Police”.

I think it would help if you could list five or six specific policies, tactics, and actions you associate with the Left and BLM and then whether or not you agree with them. You may find you do not really support the Left as much as you think.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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