You do not seem to get the point, though I think a two-year old would get it. So clearly you are playing dumb and think you are doing a good job of it. We know millions of ballots were sent to dead people and you are claiming not one of them voted. You cannot prove that. No one can. That is because it is not true. That is because our current system methodically produces possibilities for the non-living to vote and has no methodical way of catching the votes they cast.

I am not denying it is a clever con. It is clever because it does not readily produce a documented record of how many of the dead voted or who they cast their votes for. But it is a wide-open security flaw, one that could be easily exploited. It is hard to imagine no one is exploiting it. In a world of hackers and scammers, you tell me the system is pure. That is naive. I am still not sure why you oppose taking a few security measures to make it a lot harder for the hackers to rig elections. America has a long history of voter fraud and election rigging. It is an arms race and at each stage new laws, new processes, new machines, and new validation systems were introduced to bolster the integrity of electoral procedures. I am arguing we need another quantum leap in improving the legitimacy of our system.

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