You do realize the Nazis and the Tsarist Russian secret police used exactly that same trope: that Jews use their money to control the world. This slur is also very common in Islamist anti-Semitic literature. You are adding words about other groups and making it a general criticism of the influence of money on Congress, but that is not what she said and is not how she framed it. It was more than a dog whistle. It was straight from Goebbels.

You didn’t respond to her questioning of allegiance. But if it is open season to question loyalty, didn’t Judge Jeanine Pirro get it right when she asked if Omar is more loyal to Sharia law than to the American Constitution?

The larger point is that you get it all backward. Omar uses criticism of Israel to advance her underlying anti-Jewish biases. She stood next to a man who called Jews termites and praised him and had a very hard time criticizing his hateful words against Jews. He has praised her and blamed the “wicked Jews” for criticizing her. David Duke of KKK fame just loves her. Both Farrakhan and Duke recognize a kindred spirit in her. You are in great company.

Previously she had used another Nazi anti-Semitic theme saying Israel had hypnotized the world.

I get you are angry at Israel. I don’t agree with anything you said about Israel. It is a beacon of tolerance and progress and democracy where Arabs and other minorities have more rights and opportunities than anywhere else in the Mideast. We can argue that elsewhere. I suggest you take a trip to Israel and see for yourself. But, for now, in your zeal to criticize Israel, please be careful you are not whitewashing anti-Semitism and getting in bed with Jew haters.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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