You don’t seem to understand the real reason why “you can keep your insurance” is an effective one-liner against M4A and why it makes all the sense in the world.

You say:

There’s a reason that “you can keep your insurance” has become an effective one-liner against Medicare for All, even though it makes NO goddamn sense! It posits that M4A is scary because you might have to fill out a few forms to possibly ensure that the rest of your life is free of worry from medical bills. GASP! Imagine such an uneven trade. You might even have to pay a little more in taxes just so you don’t have to pay thousands in premiums and deductibles.

That’s not it. It’s that “you can keep your insurance” is the lie used to sell Obamacare

Now Obamacare may or may not be a good program, but no one can deny the insurance promise used to sell it was a huge fib.

Evoking that falsehood highlights core problems with selling M4A: that people worry it is a pie-in-the-sky fantasy of false promises and the people making those promises have no basis for making them and are the same charlatans who lied last time.

You seem absolutely dismissive of the concern 150 million Americans have about proposals to take away their employer-provided health insurance and give them higher taxes in return. You have not even attempted to answer the dozens of legitimate questions about M4A. Under M4, will there be budget crises every year that imperil healthcare for the entire country? Will you have even more forms to fill out and longer waiting times than we have now? What if M4A requires higher deductibles: just because the government is involved do deductibles automatically go down? What if you have to pay extra on the side to get in to actually see a doctor? Will costs rise even more rapidly under M4A? As inefficient as employer-provided private insurance is, will M4A be even worse? Will M4A bankrupt the existing Medicare program and leave seniors without the care they currently have? You make assurances not unlike the promise “you can keep your insurance”, but have insufficient knowledge to make them.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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