You got the start mostly right. Some conservative Iranian politicians released documents showing how the US money was going to fund wars in Syria and weapons for Gaza while food subsidies for Iranians were being cut. They staged a demonstration. That lit a match.

You neglect the next part where it gets out of control, spreads to 10 cities, where people scream slogans against Iranian intervention in Syria and Gaza, where protestors burn posters of the Supreme Leader and demand the end of the dictatorship, where women throw off their hijabs and burkas. The protestors do not want more rigid Shia totalitarian rule: they want regime change, an end to the corrupt theocracy, an end to Iranian sponsorship of terror, an end to the ceaseless wars and a beginning of moves toward peace and economic opportunity. Do you not see that?

Am I wrong that the regime has killed 20+ protestors?

Am I wrong that the regime has murdered over 4,000 people over the last two decades for the “crime” of being gay?

Do you deny it has morality police who fine women for not being covered up to state specifications?

Do you have proof anyone can run for election or do you acknowledge candidates must obtain approval of religious authorities?

You seem to be sincere and fair-minded and may not realize how much you’ve drifted into becoming an apologist for a repressive theocracy that is brutalizing the Iranian people. Is that really the side you are on?

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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