You penned a well-written article, but it is wrong on three major points.

First you are wrong about Obama. He did not act with timidity. Instead he took executive actions that were an expansion of Presidential powers. He advanced the Imperial Presidency. But you are unhappy he did not act as a complete dictator. What did he do? He had the IRS go after political groups who opposed him. He made a "treaty" with Iran but he did not submit it for ratification by the Senate. He took the same "non-treaty" treaty approach to the Paris Climate accord. He violated the law committing US troops to Syria without getting Congressional authorization. He effectively repealed immigration law with his DACA decree. He came up with his infamous " I've got a phone and I've got a pen" theory of governance.

Second, you are very wrong about the supposed mandate the Democrats have: they actually don't have a mandate at all. They lost seats in the House. Overall the Senate is 50-50. The country is very evenly divided. You could switch less that 100,000 votes out of 140,000,000 and end up with Republican control of both the House and Senate.

Third, and most critical is that you don't understand the role of Joe Biden as comforting figurehead. Without his faux centrist veneer, the Democrats would have been trounced. Remember all the Leftist candidates but Bernie got slaughtered in the Democrat primaries. Candidates who supported Medicare for All found the union members with health benefits did not agree. Transgender rights poll great with the far -Left, not so much with the general voting public. The supporters of race-based reparations wound up dropping out early. Biden had to do a 180 on fracking or he would have lost Pennsylvania. If he bans fracking now, the Democrats there will take a shellacking in 2022. There was no groundswell or even majority support for any of the Leftist wish-list. However with Joe up there talking unity, they can get a lot of what they want. Biden issued a raft of Executive Orders day one, none of which had any real support in the broader populace. Who was for banning deportations of criminal aliens? Who was running to get back into the Paris Climate deal? Even though there was little widespread support for these actions, he cancelled the 1776 Commission and got Diversity trainers back into the indoctrination business. His plan on Covid was feel-good vagary. His new administration's trial balloon of administering first doses without having second doses on hand was shot full of holes. He had nothing to say about jobs, but the cancellation of the border wall and the Keystone pipeline cost 70,000 jobs and will drive up oil prices. I would say the kindly grandpa Joe facade is essential for the Democrats to get anything accomplished on a program that does not have majority support , much less a mandate. It's a con and it has worked at least to some extent.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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