You say you have nothing against protecting Jews, but you do oppose actually protecting them with government civil rights laws. You want to protect them in a different way and you suggest what? Not a legal protection, but you suggest protection will come if Trump says something different. Sorry but that is pathetic. Anti-semitism existed long before Trump and will persist after him. Most anti-Semitic incidents on campus are perpetrated by from militant Left, Islamist, and anti-Zionist groups and individuals. They have nothing to do with Trump. Let’s grant you are sincere in wanting to protect Jews on campus. How? Please explain why Jews on campus should not get the same protections other groups get.

By the way I have no trouble with every hate group from radical Leftists, extreme Islamists, KKK , and outright Nazis holding events on campus and declaring their hatred for Jews and their wish to destroy Israel, and their intent to ultimately exterminate Jews. They can have their freedom of speech, even if it’s hate speech. But they cannot be allowed to disrupt Jewish gatherings, to physically assault Jewish students, to make terroristic threats, to academically discriminate against Jewish and pro-Zionist students, to deface Jewish institutions with swastikas, and to impose anti -Israeli boycotts on universities. Trump’s order will hopefully get universities to crack down on those actual threats to Jews on campus.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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