You seem terribly confused about the difference between lies and predictions you disagree with. A lie is more than an inaccurate statement: it is a statement made that is known to be false by the person making it. A prediction about the future cannot be a lie for the simple reason you can never prove it is inaccurate. Mr. Busler predicted there will be great news in September and October. That may or may not be accurate, but it can’t be a lie. At worst it is a forecast you disagree with.

You also seem to have focused harsh condemnation on words Mr. Busler never said. He predicted the economy will continue to get better. He gave factually accurate statistics that unemployment had dropped by millions in May and June. Read his opening. It says “Great news in September and October will carry Trump to victory” . You seem to think you are making some kind of refutation when you say. “No, the economy is not doing well”. Your rejoinder is a non-sequitor. Mr. Busler never said the economy was doing well. He said it was getting better. He said it would continue to get better in September and October.

So it really comes down to whether your crystal ball is better than Mr.Busler’s time machine. It is not that he is telling a deliberate untruth. He just sees things unfolding differently than you do. It is not as if you have a great track record predicting the future. I recall you explaining to us why Hilary would win, assuring us Mueller had a clever plan and would get Trump out of office, and that the Senate would convict Trump. Based on that track record, your prognostications of the future are far from a sure thing.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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