You seem to be missing the key distinction between the Populists/Nationalists and the Establishment. The Establishment includes leaders of both parties. It includes most of the media. It has an internationalist perspective and pushes for big multilateral trade deals that haven’t helped American workers. It pushes climate change as a pretext to assert its power and hit lower and middle class citizens with new taxes and regulations. It favors immigrants over home borne, and tries to obliterate borders and immigration controls. It is strongly interventionist and is enamored of open-ended wars of attrition. It is Bush invading Iraq and Obama intervening in Libya, Syria, and Yemen. It is afraid to say that radical Islamist extremists are behind terror attacks even when those extremists proudly claim their goal is to terrorize all who won’t bow down to them. It champions austerity when it comes to people and bailouts when it comes to banks. This same split of Populists versus Establishment is at the heart of many of the disputes in the world today. It animates the yellow vest riots against climate change taxes on the streets of Paris, Antifa mobs ttying to take over Portland, furor in Britain over the horrible Brexit deal, the strong immigration-tightening measures adopted by the new Italian government and also the election of Donald Trump. If you only see Left-Right, you are missing more than half of what is really happening.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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