You seem to be missing the point. Whether it was for personal gain or not, Hillary Clinton was a major political figure promoting friendly relations with Russia. No one should be indicted for that. But it’s a fact. The Democrats back then, less than a decade ago, attacked the anti-Russian stance of some establishment Republicans. You can’t forget Obama’s blistering poke at Romney that the 80s were calling and wanted their foriegn policy back. Hillary Clinton has made a 180 degree switch. She is now promoting a latter day Mccarthyism. and attacks anyone oppos her current foreign policy and as a Kremlin asset. Is it unfair to say the Hillary of today would brand the prior Hillary as a Putin stooge?

You are also missing the point about Libya. It was not illegal for her to orchestrate a campaign of lies to the American people in order to improve the prospects for Democrats in the 2012 election. But there is no way Susan Rice goes out on national TV and lies about the Benghazi attacks without Hillary pulling the strings.

Hillary made horrible foreign policy mistakes. You can lay the endless civil wars in Libya and Syria at her feet, and she should not escape responsibility for Crimea and the Ukraine.

Even now, she is using policy towards Russia to further her political ambitions and provide a ready-made excuse for her loss in 2016. However we were all aware of Russian attempts to influence the election. If she was a worthy candidate, she would have taken steps to counter whatever minor influence they might have had. Her polling organization told her she was so far ahead it was unnecessary to go to Wisconsin. She had appointed pollsters that told her what she wanted to hear. Those were big mistakes she made in the campaign. She was a terrible Secretary of State and a horrible candidate with a record of lies and bad mistakes. Why should we support her?

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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