You seem to have left out several of Trump’s accomplishments.

  • He got us better trade deals.
  • He destroyed the ISIS caliphate.
  • Pre-Covid, he brought Black and Hispanic unemployment to the lowest level ever. He also brought the poverty rate to its lowest value ever as well.
  • Under Trump the US became a net energy exporter and the price of gas was low.
  • He built miles of wall. He stemmed the flow of illegal immigration and dramatically reduced abuse of the asylum system.
  • He got criminal justice reform passed.
  • He brokered three historic Arab-Israeli peace and normalization deals. He also brokered a Serbian -Kosovo deal.
  • He took out Soleimani and Baghdadi.
  • He drew down US forces in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan and kept us out of new interventions.
  • He dramatically improved relations with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, India, the Philippines, North Korea, Brazil, and other nations.
  • He got NATO countries to increase defense spending.
  • He stood up to China and imposed tariffs on Chinese imports.
  • He extended civil rights protections to Jewish college students.
  • Under Trump the US got out of the worthless and costly Paris Climate treaty. The US still achieved significant reduction in CO2 emissions, without having to pay off foreign diplomats.
  • The “Dear Colleague” letter promoting kangaroo courts on campus was withdrawn and replaced with correctly adopted regulations providing due process protections to all parties.
  • He appointed three Supreme Court Justices who were confirmed despite vile slanders and false accusations made against them.

That is quite a list of achievements. You somehow managed to leave them out.

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