You want to blame the loss on men and misogyny but the fact is Hillary lost white women overall and lost those without a college degree by over 20 points. She did much worse with women than Obama. Her poor showing with women across the Midwest cost her the election. Hispanic and black women did not turn out for her. The election was not a referendum on women- it was a referendum in which women decided this particular female candidate was worse than an Orange Misogynist Reality TV star. They didn’t vote so much for him, but against her.

The hidden issue is why women’s support for Hillary was so weak. It wasn’t the media. CNN and the mainstream media completely lost all semblance of objectivity and becoming a propaganda arm of the Clinton campaign. Vicious attacks on Trump filled the airwaves. Hillary was given the kid glove treatment. Her disastrous policies in Libya and Syria were not questioned — instead she was lauded for her experience. Each new poll touting her supposedly inevitable victory was acclaimed, while anyone claiming Trump had a chance was derided as an idiot. No candidate in history received as much one sided favorable coverage as Hillary.

Could it be that Hillary ran an awful campaign? Could it be she alienated a good fraction of women in the Midwest? Did her campaign message consist of “He’s bad and I deserve the job”? and was it not as appealing as his message of “I will make things better for you?” Is it possible the politics of racial and sexual identity, political correctness, and derisive condescension towards working class people was not a winning strategy?

It is hard to go into the future when stuck in the past. Articles like this show how a deep unwillingness to attempt a real diagnosis of why Hillary lost overall and a refusal to come to grips with why she lost white women in particular. It keeps taking the false and presumptuous perspective that the author is speaking for most women, when in many states a majority of women don’t agree with the author about Hillary.

Of course Trump operatives love these Hillary rants. Re-litigating the 2016 election rallies Trump’s base and prevents the Dems from formulating a new message.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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