Your attempt to shrug off the numerous big lies told by the MSM is quite pathetic. So is your attempt to paint as vulgar cult devotees all people who doubt the latest official line. I’ll concede there are some who believe Trump blindly, but most know he is often incoherent and contradictory and certainly prone to braggadocio. Few take all he says seriously. He is often performing: you just don’t get the joke.

More egregious is that there are people like yourself who follow the MSM line without question, without remembering those MSM sources have told a bunch of major lies and paraded as revealed truth a series of inaccurate speculations. The MSM and the interventionists insisted there were WMD in Iraq. They were wrong. You are a true believer- you want to believe the MSM is infallible. You won’t allow yourself to look at contrary evidence. You feel a strong need to disparage those who don’t share your credulous faith, people who ask questions and who want to see evidence.

You are also apparently unaware of the media orchestration of attitudes. In 2012, talking heads attacked Romney for his insistence that Russia was a main opponent of the US. They praised Secretary Clinton for her reset of relations. In 2017 they did a 180 and now paint Russia as an implacable foe. They can’t be right both times. Amazingly, and this is a telltale sign of true believer indoctrination, they insist they have always been against Russia even if that is falsehood about their own past. Also their feelings about Russia escalate till they have become full-blown hate. Russian actions come to be regarded by some as unique violations tantamount to acts of war. The liberal internationalist zealots refuse to look at the 75 years Russia and America have spread propaganda and intervened in each other’s internal affairs. They get angry if it is pointed out that China andNorth Korea have committed more serious cyber crimes against us than Russia has. They are beyond the point where facts and intellectual debates can influence them. They just want to hate.

Meanwhile Russia-gate grinds on, an outlandish conspiracy theory, bereft of any actual evidence of collusion, which isn’t even a crime to begin with. Meanwhile tangible evidence of actual crimes, of politically motivated wiretapping, of warrants crafted to mislead judges, of politically embarrassing leaks of classified material, all seem to be ignored. Why not a Special investigation of political bias in our national security apparatus?

In any event, you’ll have to do a lot better. You want to tar as a cult follower type anyone who questions the MSM. But many of those people are simply people with open eyes and logical minds. Meanwhile you are blind to your own cult like acceptance of a witchhunt that has even less evidence than the one conducted in Salem in 1692.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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