You’re not in touch with how the Democrats response to Covid-19 and BLM/Antifa riots is freaking out large segments of the electorate. The Democrats are the party of shutdown, but lots of people are sick of it. Trump is doing his best to get kids back in school. College kids are schizophrenic — they want to go back to school but they want to be woke — they want to vote Democrat but they really don’t identify with Biden. There is a big lack of enthusiasm for Biden. Suburban women are not happy with Trump, but the Democrats agenda of riots, rising crime, and police defunding is starting to scare them over to Trump. Support for BLM and pulling down statues is vastly overestimated. The opposition to it is very furious and ready to follow Trump if he stands up strongly. The Democrats are also scaring a lot of moderate Middle class Blacks, Hispanics, and especially Asians. To the degree Trump stands for law and order, economic growth, and opening up the economy, he can draw together a multi- racial populist coalition that will overcome Biden’s lead in the polls. He will rally Republicans and force all the Republican moderates to swear fealty to him.

What evidence is there for this? Nothing definitive, but suddenly people and businesses are moving out of the cities in droves and buying up property in safe suburbs. Gun sales are through the roof and AR-15 clones are jumping off the shelves. College kids are going to parties and beaches in total defiance of Democrat edicts. It’s not a sure thing Trump can bring this off and assemble a populist coalition of the angry. But it’s more than possible. The forces of counter-revolution are much stronger than the media admit and they are looking for a leader. Despite all his foibles, it could still be Trump.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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