You’re seeing less than half the picture. We will see incredible amounts of voter fraud by both sides. States that mail every registered voter a ballot and which allow ballot harvesting will be too tempting to pass up. Each side knows the other will cheat. We’ll get double votes ftom everone who died or moved. Senior center residents will vote, and vote again.

It’s worse than that. Foreign governments will add to the tally. Organizations that can make passable $20 bills will have no problem counterfeiting ballots. We’ll have the people that brought you the Iowa Democrat primary trying new software to determine which ballots are coumterfeit.

We can also count on monumental incompetence, incredible glitches, and system overload. Especially in states that have had a small number of absentees ballots and will now have 50 times as many mail-ins, the problem of processing all the ballots with newly added personnel while socially distancing could prove insoluble in the allotted time. Remember Trump got everyone to declare there will be no delay. So if a half million votes are not yet counted on the cutoff date in early December, they won’t be counted. The Democrats are being subverted by their own Left Wing that wants election chaos as a prelude to their revolution. Trump is happy too. It’s not a conspiracy theory, but it is a strange set of alignments.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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