You’re trying really hard to make a distinction that doesn’t hold up. You are trying to walk back and whitewash the extent of Democrat and Mainstream Media attacks on the legitimacy of Trump’s election. You’re also somehow making the sin of false charges of Russian collusion in the election of 2016 morally equivalent to pursuing cases in court charging election fraud. There’s nothing wrong with taking cases to court. What is worse: declaring your party the Resistance or saying late ballots with smudged signatures should not have been counted?Hillary herself said the election was stolen and so did Democrat leaning media.

Her campaign supported senseless recounts. Democrats spawned the Faithless Electors campaign. You are putting a lie to history to say Democrats did not own that idea, even if some made the point it was a bad idea and unlikely to succeed. Democrats held a rally in December 2016 screaming “Not My President” and “Impeach" . Did you forget that?

It is clear Trump has failed to get the courts to accept his charges of fraud and to overturn the election results. That doesn’t prove the election was fair. It’s perhaps subtle, but the logic of statistics hypothesis testing does not support the “you can’t prove it was rigged: ergo it was fair" logic.

With a system as insecure as ours has become in some critical states, evidence of fraud is hard to come by even if it occurred. It’s too easy to cheat and too hard to get caught. Millions of live ballots were sent out to dead voters. Can you prove none of those ballots were cast?

I think more investigation is needed. Can’t we match death certificates with voting records and establish how many dead voters there were? That’s a start. Beyond a more thorough investigation of potential fraud, we should establish national standards and reform the system to make it more timely, secure, and transparently fair.

Meanwhile the big distinction you are trying to make just isn’t there. The Democrats were the ones who started attacking the legitimacy of a Presidential election. Why would you think some on the other side wouldn’t pick up that same thought?

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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