You’ve got a strangely incoherent argument. You don’t deny Trump took early action imposing a travel ban. You don’t deny leading Democrats, including Biden, opposed that travel ban and called it Xenophobic. You may even recall that at the time most Democrats were talking about impeachment and basically ignored the incipient pandemic. Yet you think a statement that some Republicans opposed the travel ban negates the early action that Trump took. What you’ve actually proved is that Trump was the only political leader taking any action to stem the disease. He took early action- a fact. At the time, no other political leader spoke up for doing more.

Based on the recommendations of the leading healthcare officials and experts, we implemented a centralized testing system in which based tests were sent to Atlanta for the CDC to send back results. These experts are the people on the task forces who got up and publicly explained that it was their system and their approach being implemented. Trump is to be faulted for deferring to that approach, one that seems to be based more on bureaucratic considerations than medical imperatives. But it’s not at all like Trump stopped a group pushing to go forward with mass testing.

At this stage we’re very far away from the original question of whether we would have more or fewer masks, gowns, testing kits, and ventilators if we had MFA.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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